Rainy today

Rainfall early this morning prevented me from going out for flight in spite of fully charged batteries preparation.

As weather forecast tells that it will last all day long today, Ill go out just for new model construction to the place.

Keeping the actual flight everyday not by simulator reminds me of a good day 30 years ago the period of time making effort as a competition flyer. Trained intuition nourished by everyday flight has been coming back gradually. But, even now, after a half of century period time with piled experience in this hobby field, interesting new findings appear unexpectedly in every moment. I am surprised to know that just an imagination and an actual attitude are completely different each other, of course an image training is important and indispensable program.

This is why I have come back to this hobby field again, once I had determined to retire completely and thrown away all the things.

I also know that 30 years absence requires more desperate effort than I had been continuing that, if I want to participate in the competition field of this hobby category.

Not a few young competitor are there now, I hope that there might be fine and amazing match with them in near future.